Rooted in dedication to work and a passion for horse riding, the Buttero footwear brand was founded in Tuscany in 1974 by Mauro Seni with the idea of creating the best biker boots in the world. From that moment on, the brand developed a wide range of models reflecting its passion for quality leather, elegant profiles, tradition and authenticity. The name Buttero derives from the mounted herders of the Maremma region of Tuscany, who habitually ride the Maremmano breed of horse. The word itself comes from the Greek boútoros, literally “he who prods the oxen”; so a herder, but also a kind of all-Italian cowboy, as reflected in the essence of the brand. The values of Buttero are similar to those of the herders to whom the brand owes its name, in particular a complete dedication to work and a passion for horse riding, as well as a love of traditions and of the rolling hills of Tuscany, where high quality shoes have always been made - Buttero being no exception.