Once upon a time there was the Drogheria, a type of grocery store present in every Italian city that interacted on an ongoing basis with its customers and with life in the city to provide everything that might be useful for everyday life. Historically, in the Veneto area – traditionally one of the best manufacturing districts of Italy – Drogherias also sold shoes. This is the case of Drogheria Crivellini, established in 1955 in Udine as a family-run business selling shoes made in Friuli - or Furlane as they are known in the local dialect - created by local artisans using scrap fabrics, and this idea of circular economy has survived to this day in the Drogheria’s new identity. Over the course of the decades, the brand has specialised in the production of this particular kind of shoe, becoming an icon of traditional Italian footwear and a symbol of Venetian fashion, which to this day continues to evolve and fuel the imagination of the international fashion industry.